Sunday, October 23, 2011

A half-load or more!

So I've received many emails lately and customers are concerned with their diapers stinking, detergent perhaps not working, child mysteriously developing irritation...and it brought me back to a time not too long ago when I was in a similar boat.  Mariella's diapers stunk to high-heaven.  And it wasn't just when they were dirty.  They were stinky after a full wash.  Ah!  How frustrating!!  Well, by following a simple step, at least in my case, my problem was solved...

I actually started washing no less than 1/2 load of diapers.

Wow.  Really?  It's that simple?  In my case, yes.  And in quite a few cases, like the aforementioned emailed concerns, washing no less than 1/2 load of diapers at a time solved the problem.  Why?  There are a couple of reasons.  First, if you wash less than 1/2 load, there's not enough space in the washing machine for the diapers to weave in-and-out of other fabrics (or agitate) to get clean.  Second, there's usually not enough water either.  And third, typically we will use the same amount of detergent when washing 6-7 diapers as we would when washing 20-24 diapers.  In other words, WAY TOO MUCH!  And because there's too little water in the machine because we're washing too few items, the diapers aren't being completely rinsed of the detergent.  And that detergent build-up can cause stinky diapers, can actually ruin your diapers and can give your baby an irritated tush.

If you throw all of your diapers into the washing machine and there's no way that you'll make that 1/2 load marker, throw some towels in to the machine.  Or daddy's stinky sweat clothes.  Either one works fine.

For a far more complete guide to washing your diapers, including a very handy detergent chart, click here.  And the next time your diapers are stinky out of the wash or your baby's bottom is irritated, email me and we'll troubleshoot together.  But if I happen to be on holiday in Maldives for 2 weeks (hint-hint husband) and unable to check email, try washing a full 1/2 load.

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