Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Note from Krista...

Hello!!  Let's get a couple of things out of the way.  A super brief introduction of who I am.

I'm a mom to Mariella Jane (MJ) who will turn 2 in October.  I'm a wife to Alex who (surprise!) works at State Farm.  Prior to mommyhood, I worked at Illinois Wesleyan as a recruiter and more immediately, as the head coach for the women's tennis team.  Before recruiting and coaching, I worked at State Farm as a public policy analyst and before analyzing, I worked on political campaigns for the Illinois House of Representatives.  Before politicking, I was a student at Illinois Wesleyan, Bloomington High School, Bloomington Junior High School, Oakland School and 2nd Presbyterian Preschool.  Yes, I'm a life-long Bloomingtonian, a "townie" and I love this community.  I've worn many hats, none as tough and rewarding as being a mom.  This new venture of owning a business is very exciting.

When I talk to moms who have relied on Sarah and Pinstripes and Polkadots for all of their cloth diapering needs, I hear the same word: accessible.  Sarah has made herself and her store accessible to so many moms with the sometimes overwhelming, but often fun "task" of cloth diapering their children.  She's answered these questions late at night after all four of her children are fast asleep and in the mid-afternoon when all four of her children are vying for her attention.  She's answered your emails and shipped packages overnight because your sanity depends on that hemp insert which will prevent you from changing sheets for the 5th time that week. To say the least, Sarah is someone that so many of us have looked to for guidance, expertise and patience--including myself.  I've had my share of stinks, leaks and a couple of rashes but every issue came with an answer and a resolution.

So the owner has changed and the address of the showroom has changed,  but I can assure you that the same level of service that you expect when shopping at Pinstripes and Polkadots has not.  I think I heard that on a t.v. commercial once--so perhaps a bit cliche but the truth!  It will take a lot of reading and more of my own children to know as much as Sarah does but I'm eager to learn from you and share the wonderful world of cloth diapering!   

In the coming months, look for some new and exciting things for you as a customer at Pinstripes and Polkadots including some new products from some of our favorite brands.  We'll launch a rewards program where you can earn points in the program by writing reviews of products on the website, by referring your friends to the shop and by purchasing products.  With these posts we have officially started our cloth diapering blog and will be looking for cloth diapering moms to be guest bloggers.  We'll also have great customer specials leading up to the Holidays and in the New Year.  

You can still contact me last minute if you need to stop by the showroom or call with an order and expect that order to be on my front porch for local pickup.  I'm an easy-going mom and am so excited to meet so many of you and share this passion of keeping our kiddos' behinds healthy and happy!

Krista Cardona

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